Tax Services

When any individual or business faces tax liability it can be a very scary and daunting task. Many taxpayers simply want to ignore the problem, but that never is a good choice of action.

At DiFiore, LLC, our attorneys assist clients with many tax matters including:

  • Filing tax returns
  • Applying for tax-exempt status
  • Negotiating resolutions to tax liabilities
  • Representation in tax disputes

Approaches to tax liability can take many forms. It is imperative that you speak to a tax professional to learn what options are available. Our attorneys assist clients in analyzing their individual tax matter to determine what course of action is most appropriate, which can include:

  • Simply paying all outstanding tax debt in full. This option is best for clients who are facing a small tax liability, where the expense of a legal dispute can easily exceed the amount of potential savings.
  • Negotiate an Installment Agreement.
  • Make an Offer in Compromise. Under this option, a taxpayer resolves their tax liability for some amount less than the full amount.
  • Negotiating a settlement with the IRS.
  • Representing the taxpayer before the IRS to dispute the tax liability.

The importance of being current and in compliance cannot be understated. Failure to be in full compliance can spoil any attempt at settlement. Income tax returns that have not been filed or taxes for the most recent years that have not been paid create problems


A well-devised plan for your tax matter is the most important concept. Tax problems do not go away on their own accord. Additionally, the assistance of a qualified tax professional can assist with the potential resolution of the tax problem. A tax professional can advise you as to what is possible and what is not, and the full range of remedies available. There are often multiple solutions to a tax debt.

With a solid foundation in estate planning, probate, business, real estate, and tax law, the attorneys at DiFiore, LLC utilize their combined over 50 years of legal experience to meet each client’s specific tax needs and goals.

DiFiore, LLC wants each client to understand their tax specific situation and to meet each client’s needs so that they are confident that their tax situation is being worked on in the most effective manner.

Please contact us today to let us assist you with all your tax needs.