Real Estate

At DiFiore, LLC, our attorneys work with all types of clients, whether individuals, businesses that lease real estate, investors, tenants, lessees, buyers, sellers, title companies and real estate brokers. The focus with each client is to work with the client to create a comprehensive plan to meet their needs and goals.

The attorneys will assist the clients in all aspects of real estate including, but not limited to:

Sale & Purchases of Real Property

Our attorneys represent sellers and buyers of real estate, from initial planning to closing. We provide advice during the negotiation, contract drafting, due diligence, and financing stages of real estate, deals including planning and executing deferred, reverse and multi-property like kind exchanges.

Commercial & Residential Leases

Our attorneys work with clients, both Lessors and Lessees, in negotiating lease terms on behalf of landlords and tenants, including such issues such as options, assignments and subletting, permitted uses, alterations, indemnifications, early terminations, and guarantees.

Real Estate Financing

Our attorneys work with clients in all aspects of institutional and private lending, including acquisition, construction, and loan documentation; security and negotiable instruments; secured and unsecured loans; deeds of trust; and guarantee agreements.

1031 Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys work with clients to recognize, qualify and meet the requirements for multi property like-kind exchanges when applicable.

With a solid foundation in estate planning, probate, business, real estate, and tax law, the attorneys at DiFiore, LLC utilize their combined over 50 years of legal experience to meet each client’s specific needs and goals.

Real estate can impact so many aspects of a client, including estate planning, tax, and exposure to liability, that a comprehensive approach must be utilized when analyzing any real estate matter. DiFiore, LLC wants each client to understand the real estate needs and to meet each of those needs so that they are confident that all their specific goals and needs are being met.

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