Probate Estate & Trust Administration

In its most basic form, the objective of probate estate and trust administration is to fulfill the decedent’s directions with regard to distribution of assets, while simultaneously addressing all necessary requirements. The probate court oversees the administration of estates, guardianships and certain trusts. The requirements for such matters include, but are not limited to:

  • Probate Court filings (for estates, guardians, minor settlements and wrongful death)
  • IRS and State tax filings
  • Debts
  • Payment of Creditor’s claims
  • Rejection of Creditor’s claims where appropriate
  • Other obligations of the decedent arising before death, as well as those undertaken during the administration process.
  • Requirements for dealing with beneficiaries
  • Rejection of Creditor’s claims where appropriate

Certain requirements exist that are too numerous to list now, but our attorneys are well versed in the various requirements. The determination must be on a case by case basis with each person’s needs and the controlling documents.

In some situations, litigation is necessary with the administration of estates and trusts. Litigation may take the form of the following:

  • Will contest
  • Fiduciary or Guardian appointment
  • Concealment of assets
  • Claims of creditors
  • Trust reformation
  • Trustee removal and/or replacement

Whichever of these matters may arise, our experienced attorneys can work with you to protect your rights and interests.

With a solid foundation in estate planning, probate and tax law, the attorneys at DiFiore, LLC utilize their combined over 50 years of legal experience, to work with their clients to effectively administer the probate estates, guardianships, and trusts at a reasonable fee.

Our attorneys work with each client with a personal individualized approach, at what can be a difficult time, never forgetting that underlying most probate estate and trust administration is a family that is impacted by each decision. DiFiore, LLC wants each client to understand the probate administration and trust administration process and to meet each of the needs so that they are confident that all their needs are being met.

Please contact us today to let us assist you with all your probate estate and trust needs.